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Green Cape south of Merimbula provides anglers is a unique combination of water temperatures where the southern pushing warm water of the EAC meets the colder waters of the Bass Straight.

As a result, the Bermagui and Merimbula coastlines are usually the first area on the NSW coastline to see the southern bluefin tuna.

South Coast Tuna Fishing

From May we traditionally start to see the larger Yellowfin Tuna arrive and show what this area is famous for. Yellowfin 60kg+ is the target from May onwards with Albacore generally turning up in numbers to give some awesome light tackle fun! As time progresses toward June, we start to get ready for the epic southern bluefin tuna run, it’s a matter of keeping the finger on the pulse to make sure we are ready to spring into action just at the right time to ensure we have the best chance of landing a barrel! The world record of 167.5kg is held right out the front off Tathra and this area of the cost would have to be one of the best for tackling these big beasts!

Tuna Fishing with Head Hunter Charters

On Head Hunter our days on the water targeting tuna we start with putting out a spread of lures to cover ground quickly to find the concentration of fish.

One we find them and are often already hooked up, we start cubing instantly to keep the fish in the area.

We’ve had great success and 90% of the time we are able to hold the fish right at the boat and catch them for hours!

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Underwater Bluefin

Visiting Merimbula

Merimbula is a perfect holiday spot and ideal for a plethora of water based activities beside the great fishing including surfing, swimming, scuba diving, sailboarding and canoeing. Wavesailing, kitesurfing and SUPs (stand up paddle) many of which can be enjoyed in the relative protection of Merimbula Lake.

Merimbula has a deserved reputation as the delightful holiday destination with its superb golden beaches and clean waters, making it the perfect place for a family vacation.

The region is also known for its great seafood including locally produced award-winning oysters. More…

Visiting Bermagui

Bermagui offers world class game fishing within a stones throw of Australia’s two biggest cities.

A 4 hour drive from Sydney, and 7 hours from Melbourne will bring you to one of NSW most scenic coastal towns which is also the closest point of land on the east coast to the continental shelf.

This means that the Australia EAC brings warm currents down from the north in the summer months and and with it delivers to our anglers all three marlin species, black, blue and striped marlin. More…

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