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Best Marlin Fishing In Australia

Merimbula and Bermagui are both keen hot spots for anglers during the marlin season each year.

Both provide a short trip access to the continental shelf where the warmer waters push south with the EAC in close, and with the it all three species of marlin – striped marlin, black marlin and blue marlin.

NSW South Coast Fishing

Off Bermagui, structure forming from the Tuross Canyons in the north and Montague Island creates a unique area where the shelf reaches its closest point to land on the eastern seaboard.

Likewise, off Merimbula, the continental shelf is just 18nm off the coast, another of the closest points.

Again, the coastline here has plenty of structure that holds bait almost all year round.

Underwater Striped Marlin 2
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Bermagui Marlin Fishing

Always known as the “mecca” for southern game fishermen, “Bermi” is renowned for its striped marlin (and yellowfin tuna fishing).

The 12mile reef is a great stretch of reef that continues almost all the way to Bunga Canyons in the south.

Out wider the sea mounts also make a great area for chasing big blue marlin.

Merimbula Marlin Fishing

While the prominent species in these waters is striped marlin, we occasionally get a good blue marlin bite if the warm current is running hard.

Over the years, plenty of fish over 400b have been caught here.

Although not in the numbers seen further north, we also catch black marlin – mostly as a bonus by-catch when we are striped marlin fishing.

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Visiting & Fishing Bermagui

Bermagui offers world class game fishing within a stones throw of Australia’s two biggest cities.

A 5 hour drive from Sydney, and 7 hours from Melbourne will bring you to one of NSW most scenic coastal towns which is also the closest point of land on the east coast to the continental shelf.

This means that the Australia EAC brings warm currents down from the north in the summer months and and with it delivers to our anglers all three marlin species, black, blue and striped marlin.

Visiting & Fishing Merimbula

Merimbula is a perfect holiday spot and ideal for a plethora of water based activities beside the great fishing including surfing, swimming, scuba diving, sailboarding and canoeing. Wavesailing, kitesurfing and SUPs (stand up paddle) many of which can be enjoyed in the relative protection of Merimbula Lake.

Merimbula has a deserved reputation as the delightful holiday destination with its superb golden beaches and clean waters, making it the perfect place for a family vacation.

The region is also known for its great seafood including locally produced award-winning oysters.